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in the early Summer of 2017, my best friend and I were talking about what hobby we should find and try. He was showing me some drone videos on Youtube. The very day after, I found a Phantom4 drone in an online store and bought it. We started flying around where we live. At the beach, in the forest, the mountains. First, it was difficult to steer it. But after some hours of practice, we required the skillset to fly it well…

After some months, I meet one of Norway’s biggest Youtuber’s, He is truly a good friend mine now. I thought it was cool to know who he was. And see what he accomplished. I start sending him some pictures just for fun when I was filming. Every time I sent some pictures to him, he was so supporting and uplifting. After a while, we were starting to hang out. But we never spoke about Youtube, not quite sure why.

Summer 2018 we were hiking in the mountains, I just bought a New Drone/Mavic Pro that we were supposed to try out. We were talking about everything that day. He told me to try to sell the video clips I shoot with my drone, ”there is a big market for that on the Internet”…

But I didn’t quite believe that… it somehow sounded too good to be true? Later that day he asked me to join him at Youtube, but my response was, no. ”I don’t have the time”.

”The  reason I’m saying no is that I don’t want you to be disappointed if I say yes now and 3 months later had disappointed you somehow.”

 I  told him that I respect you and our friendships worth more than this opportunity. When the Summer of 2018 was over, he had asked me so many times to start a channel together…

In Agust, I said yes. We can try. We found a channel name together, the name was Nature Healing Society. The first week in September we uploaded ore first music video,

my youtube partner (Big Role Model) Is a great music editor. He was and are providing me music and I make the movies in the way I that I like them. I want my own Style. Youtube is big, and we have many competitors. So we had to make excellent visual content. In the beginning, I was filming almost everything my self. But there are some stock sites on the Internet that we subscribe to and pay for licenses to use their videoes on youtube. This is called a royalty-free license.

It took us 2 months to reach Youtube Monetization Partnership access. We needed 1000 subscribers to our channel and a minimum of 4000 minutes watch time in total to join the Youtube partnership. After 4 weeks, I got a mail from Youtube statting that they had accepted our work and our channel for monetization…

I will never forget that day, that’s was very big for me and It still is today. After some months with hard work, I decided to bring in more people into the Nature Healing Society team. I didn’t have the time to edit my videos and nature clips alone… I ask a good old friend of mine to join us and she was very happy to help us! So I bought her a Gopro7 black and showed her how to film and what to record!

 We were also very lucky to get in touch with two other amazing people outside of Norway that are working with us and delivers nature videos to us. Around May month in 2018 we also discussed to release a website before the Summer, I was very lucky to meet two highly-skilled computer geniuses the year before. I was asking them to help create a homepage for us. They said yes we will gladly help you, they told us that they have a supplier for eco-friendly clothing. We have discussed that idea, and find out that we would give it a try.

I sett up meeting With DHL and found a solution together. They will help us with shipping out from Norway. 10 Months after we Started NHS, many things have happened. If I look back in September last year. I had never thought all this would happen so fast. I have learned so much in so little time. I have got so many New friends through NHS. Every time when we post a new video I check my mobile many times to see how the videos are going when I am at my regular job.

When I read all the comments we get on our work, that means so much. Sometimes it can take some days before I reply to them. But I read all of them, every time. I have skipped a lot of things and sacrificed much in dedication to the last year. But if I had the opportunity to do the same one more time I would have done the same choices.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, thank you for everything my best workmate and role model. I am very proud of how far we have come and what’ve created since starting to fly the drone 10 months ago. 

13 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Tara Ryba-Castro says:

    Your visual content is like no other, it’s one of a kind. The stunning beauty brings so much peace, wonder and contentment during this difficult time. THANK YOU!

  2. Iris says:

    Hello, I don’t think you mentioned your name. But I enjoyed reading your bio very much. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s wonderful to see how one thing can lead to another and to know that there are so many people out there who care. About the fellow humans, the earth, nature. Sending you lots of love and all the best wishes!

  3. Marla says:

    I echo Iris’s comments … your videos are SO stress-relieving. I know the images are on loops (how else could you amass all that content!?) but it simply provides additional opportunities to see something I didn’t notice before; and, more importantly, it makes me realize even more deeply how breathtakingly gorgeous our planet is and how much we’d lose if we don’t take better care of her. Stunning shots! And here’s a question … can you list the location a shown in Good Morning Meditation Music 528Hz Positive Healing Thoughts&Energy – Calm Deep Soft Vibe Music. The music & images mesh si beautifully in every video I’ve seen, but this, in particular, just astonishes me. Thank you so much for showing these beautiful locations and supplying the perfect “soundtrack” to calm stressful days/events (including a year of COVID-19 pandemic, hurricanes, wildfires, and the dictator-wannabe Trump. WHEW! Your videos have been lifesavers!

  4. Suzanne Conway says:

    Wow! Spectacular! The Norway Tourism Department should be paying you- as soon as I can travel again, Norway is top on my list. Thanks for making such incredible content! There is no way to watch and listen and feel low vibes! I’m playing it all the time and the frequency in our home has become super chill!

  5. Loreto Di Cesare says:

    Hi, your footage is beautiful and your channel is my family’s favorite background music/visual!

    Are you ever looking for different drone/beautiful footage to add for different or new videos? I’d love to chat if so. I have tons of personal stock footage that could be used (Italy, US, Norway, India,etc) . You can see a lil about me and at Wishing you all the best!

  6. David Williams says:

    Love your films and music; very soothing! It would be great to know where the various locations are. Do you ever consider (optional) captions, and is there any other way of viewers finding that information?

    • Nature Healing Society says:

      Hi David, I have some movies with locations but not many. I don’t have time to do all this alone since I work so many hours each day with this channel.

  7. Valerie Shahan says:

    I have been in a great deal of stress lately. I have told the Washington State patrol about this and it is playing on two computers just now. I feel very keenly that our medical professionals, law enforcement professionals would do well with your programs

  8. Meleana says:

    I found your channel a few years ago. I think you were pretty new then. But I fell completely in love with all of it. From your visual images to the music to your name and brand image. All of it tunes the “soul” or inner self to calm reflection and peace. I’ve told everyone I know about your channel.
    I volunteer and am in our Elementary school’s PTA (parent teacher association). Last year the front office placed a 45″ screen on their wall and were using YouTube to stream calm music videos. While it was a wonderful addition to the school, our Secretary had to keep the remote handy to quickly mute the commercials or switch to the next video. She’s very busy and I could see this was causing intermittent panicked stress. I showed her your channel and the different videos available. How one would last the whole school day with ZERO interruptions. She absolutely loved it!
    It’s wonderful to go in and see your familiar videos adding so much peace to our Elementary.
    Thank you so much for following your friends urgings to start this channel. Thank you to your friend for urging you to create this content. Thank you to the people who have joined your team. This is a priceless gift you have given to your supporters, listeners/watchers. You are all so appreciated, thank you.

  9. Vanessa says:

    Hello! I love your calming music and natural images on your you tube. I am grateful for your royalty free music that I use for my yoga classes and guided meditations. I can not remember my password and tried to reset it and I have not received an email. I am wondering how to create a new password if I am not getting the reset my password email. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can continue to buy your music and spread the healing vibes.

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