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Washing our cloths

Washing your new cloths

The wash bladder means that the garment can be washed by machine or by hand. The number indicates the maximum temperature. Washing bowl with hand means that the garment must only be washed by hand. Washing ball with cross bears that the garment cannot be washed in water.

Tumble Drying

Square with ring means that the garment can be dried in the drum. Square with cross over means that the garment should not be dried in the drum. A small tip is to avoid drying garments in the dryer as this will wear the product and may increase shrinkage.


Iron means that the garment can be ironed or pressed. The number of points on the symbol indicates which temperature the garment can withstand. Iron with cross over means that the garment cannot be stretched or pressed. Avoid ironing on print.


The circle means that the garment can withstand cleaning. The letter in the circle indicates which cleaning fluid to use. The cross symbol means that the garment should not be cleaned.

Clorine Bleaching

The symbol means that the garment may be chlorine bleached. The square with a cross means that the garment cannot be bleached.

Our brand


Common concept for all college products, such as jogging pants and hoodies. It can consist of cotton, or a mixture of cotton and polyester.

Easy Care

The product has undergone a treatment that makes it easier to wash and iron. The shirt does not curl so much.

Two Ply

The product is woven with a double-woven yarn that makes the fabric more stable, soft and the colors clearer.

Egyptian Cotton

Cotton from Egypt with more fiber, finer shine and smoother and finer surface than regular cotton.

Prima Cotton

One of the finest cotton qualities available. The quality is softer and more durable than regular cotton.


Registered trademark. Technical material that allows the fabric to breathe and transport moisture away from the body. Added antibacterial agent to inhibit odor. The material feels soft and comfortable against the body.

Water column (WP)

Indicates how high water pressure a piece of cloth can withstand before the water penetrates (WP). Should be 10,000 mm to be considered waterproof.

Breathability (MVP)

Indicates how much moisture the garment transports away from the body within 24 hours. For example: 10000g means that the garment transports out 10L of moisture per. day and night.


A special reinforcement technique for weaving fabrics. It becomes woven with double thread at small given intervals so that small tears will not spread in the fabric. Make the fabric very durable.

Please be advised that color deviations may occur from images in the shop and product in reality. There may also be color differences between productions.


Our jackets come with unique features and shapes, depending on the application to which the garment is aimed. We have sporty shell jackets that protect you from wind and weather, classic jackets that suit every occasion or down jacket that keeps you good and warm.

As a clerk, we are, together with Tracker (the supplier) concerned that the production slots are as environmentally friendly as possible. Tracker’s high-tech shell jackets are therefore manufactured without the use of harmful fluorine and carbon compounds (PFOA / Perfluorooctanoic acid and FTOHs / Fluorotomeric alcohols) and are thus produced in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

Several of our jackets are also labeled with BIONIC-FINISH ECO which has been developed by RUDOLF GROUP and is the latest technology for treating products organically so that they become water-repellent by imitating nature – without containing fluorocarbons.

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We’re located in Bryne – Norway


  1. Peggy says:

    Hello –

    Hope you all are healthy and safe. I am interested in buying some products. However, since the music composers are not listed, I am hesitant to purchase. Why aren’t they listed?

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  2. cheryllee says:

    hi I want to use the music but there is no buy button once I select the purchase and it won’t go to a cart. id like to be a guest and not put my info in the site. help? and why is the composers not listed to ensure the music is royalty free?I tried emailing but my server says the company email is not valid?
    thanks C

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