About Tracker

Tracker is stocked in Norway and our only supplier. Tracker has since 1992 been synonymous with high quality.

Common to all garments in the collection is that all details, down to the smallest nail, are taken care of, and are subject to continuous control throughout the production process. The continuous quality assurance helps to ensure that the goods maintain a high quality which will work in use and wash for a long time.

The tracker products are designed to act as positive message carriers when Nature Healing Society and our messages are attached to clothing or travel effects, and are used for our branding.

They live by satisfied customers and make every effort to meet the market’s need for quality goods.

As a product manufacturer, Tracker is concerned that the production processes are as environmentally friendly as possible, and that the working environment is safeguarded in the best possible way. Their factories are ISO certified, and the production of our cotton garments is approved under the Oeko-tex standard 100.

We wish you good luck and fortune with the choice of Tracker cloths, and hope you will be satisfied with the products we have created for you.

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