Among the most essential Solfeggio frequencies is the 528Hz frequency.


Ringedalsvatnet lake, Norway

This frequency is often called the ‘love frequency’ because it draws a certain kind of a deep-rooted natural relationship with the surrounding nature. This frequency is found in almost everything, ranging from human DNA to chlorophyll. This is among the frequencies with proven health benefits and mathematical significance.

The vibrations made from the 528Hz resonate and connect with all the humanly things around all of us on a spiritual and material level. The 528 Hz can be described as a surpassing or superb example of something which can be called a marvel or a wonder. It can also be said to be an extraordinary happening, surpassing all human knowledge, powers, and natural forces; it can be referenced to a supernatural or divine cause like God. In the ancient world, the healers and priests from the very advanced civilizations used the 528Hz to bless, heal, and manifest miracles.

In the central double, the frequency will not be located inside directly, but, half of it will appear directly. Simply, from the half double, 528 will be the second tone following. When we integrate the 528 into the equally tempered scale composed of twelve artificial tones, then we say, “it’s the first tone.” It is, however, the 10th referenced frequency.

The question everyone asks is, “how will the frequency used in ancient civilization impact my life positively and currently?” “Or even the lives of other people?” There is a very close link between nature and the 528 Hz. For instance, the 528 Hz vibrations are utilized by chlorophyll, thereby allowing plants to draw some energy from natural light, which gives the leaves the green color. Bees are an essential aspect of insect-pollinated flowers. The bees pollinate the flowers by buzzing at a 528 Hz frequency. When we fall sick, we tend to take more greens, thanks to the 528 Hz frequency, chlorophyll is actually the most effective and powerful healing pigments. The breathable air is made up of 528 Hz. Oxygen is a carrier of the 528 Hz resonating electrons.

This frequency is very essential in water too. Our bodies are made up of almost 80% liquid. According to research, we all ail from the fundamental lack of love. The liquid crystal is a superconductor of light and sound, which transmits the love frequency, thereby providing us with a chance to heal. The 528 Hz can be used in water treatment. For instance, in the year 2010, after oil rigged into the Mexican Gulf, the 528 Hz and other kinds of Solfeggio frequencies cleared the water.

Generally, the ‘love’ frequency or the ‘miracle’ tone has numerous benefits coupled with some down lows. For instance, this frequency increases the absorption rate of UV light into a person’s DNA. On the other hand, the same frequency heals a person’s DNA by facilitating the removal of any impurities that can lead to disease or sickness. From the thoughts of different scholars, the 528 Hz frequency is about freedom, love, and peace. Modern-day music is also utilizing the 528 Hz in the twelve-tone equalization temperament scales, characterized by vibration limits. Hz


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  1. nj says:

    Hi, just like to ask since this is Royalty-Free Music, once I purchased,
    am I allowed to use the license of the said music or audio? And is this a non-exclusive, non-transferrable license to use the music or audio thah can be use in an Internet Videos like youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and Tiktok?

    • Nature Healing Society says:

      Hi nj

      After you have bought our songs you can use it where you want, you can monetize and earn money to the songs at any Platforms like Youtube/Facebook 🙂

  2. Brianna Stike says:

    Hello! I was wondering what the sources were for the examples of 528 hz found in nature! (particularly 528 hz) I have been looking to validate your claims and was hoping you might have some resources to suggest to me!

  3. Nancy Barber says:

    Hi I just found this wonderful website. I started listening and watching in the morning from my laptop. I immediately started deep breathing and relaxing. I’ve been under tremendous stress that’s been on going for a long time now. I know If I continue to listen and meditate to this music It will help me quit feeling so lousy and drained all the time. I’m on it now. Thank you how wonderful!

  4. Sheila says:

    Thank you for the beauty of nature scapes with the beauty of frequencies. I appreciate your research of this divine method of love & all the benefits. Thank you for knowledge of different levels. Now for an ice bath!

  5. Cindy says:

    Hi. I’ve heard that some frequencies are used to regenerate or heal teeth, hair, chronic pain, things like that. Is this true and would it be the 432 or 528Hz or something else? Can you please direct me to the best music for this goal? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you so very much!

    • Cindy Aplanalp-Ruzicka says:

      I’m super excited about this – we are about to open a cold plunge and sauna lounge. We are blessing our water 10/29 under the full moon (we have a huge skylight over our tubs) I’ve been looking for a way to honor and energize our water and offerings –
      Long story short – my husbands cancer has been the GIFT of a lifetime. We’ve learned much and he is cancer free. Bees have played a major role – 528hz is everything. I’d love to incorporate this healing modality in our place – can you put together a long play mp3?? Say 4 hours ?
      Thank you

  6. Corinne Bozsoky says:

    I have put a link to your website on my resources page. I use your YouTube site during my restorative movement practice which I have not monitored. I have been using your audio/visual stimulation since I found it back in 2019. It has helped me immensely and I share it with likeminded individuals. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place.

    • Nature Healing Society says:

      there is something wrong with the preview on the albums, I will ask my service man about it tomorrow!

  7. Susan says:

    What you have created is beautiful and deserves to receive proper credit.
    How would you like me to list credit for your work (title, artist, composer, year)?

  8. Erin says:

    My friends, thank you for your music and videos! I would love to purchase the music you play on a specific video – I went to your site to try to fund those specific tracks but did not know which ones they were. Can you please let me know and I will be happy yo buy them. That video and music helped me so much when I was very sick this winter and now I listen and watch every day to calm down. Thank you in advance.

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